Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A wonderful man...

On April 6, I got word from my mom that my grandpa had passed away. He's been battling with his health, well, as long as I can remember there's been issues, but it's been severe the last 5 years after a couple strokes. I have so many wonderful memories of my grandpa. He was a joker and I loved living with my grandparents when I was younger. He will be greatly missed, especially by my sweet grandmother, who devoted her life to caring for him. But I do believe the place we go after this world is a happier, more peaceful place to be and that makes me feel better thinking of my grandpa and Justin's dad. It helps me to know they are happy and we will be reunited one day. I don't know how people go through death without the knowledge the gospel of Jesus Christ gives us. How wonderful that day will be when we can once again embrace our loved ones that went on before us! Here are some photos from the funeral service:

My grandmother with their 4 daughters: Debbie, Pam, Joan and Karen
Carter taking walks with his Grandpa

Our family at the gravesite

Nicole and Hayden

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I take back my p[previous comment you can definitely tell you are pregnant ha ha!