Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Colorado Wildlife Preserve

This was a big highlight of our trip. We visited the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Preserve and it was awesome! They had a baby bear that licked Carter's fingers! You can witness it in the video...or not because it won't let me upload it! I hate it when it does that. It was an older lady that owned it and her granddaughter was there helping her (probably about 14 I'm guessing). The animals they had were beautiful and you got to be so close to them. Kinda scary close, actually. At first you're thinking, wow, this is cool because there's only this wire fence in between you and the wild animal, but you can reach out and touch some of them if you wanted to (ie the black bear) and it kinda started freaking me out, actually. I loved feeding the horses, of course, and enjoyed sharing them with Carter! One day he'll ride more than just his rocking horse!

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