Thursday, April 10, 2008

April showers bring...guests!

Honestly, though, we don't get April showers here in sad =( The weather has been perfect, though! Last week, we had our nieces, Sophia and Emma, and nephew, Damian, in town staying with Mom Wagasky. Meanwhile at our house, we also had my dad and his girlfriend, Mara, staying with us from Oregon! Let me tell you, this is gonna be one busy travelling month! Not this weekend, but next, we're driving to Pagosa Springs, CO with Justin's mom and then shortly after we get back, Carter and I are flying to Reno to see my little brother off on his mission. Crazy, huh? Anywho, back to our guests...
We went on a fun trip to see the gardens at the Bellagio with my dad. It was so fun and they had a butterfly conservatory set up where you could see tons of gorgeous and HUGE butterflies! Carter thoroughly enjoyed smelling all the flowers, as you'll see in the pictures. After we walked around in there a bit, we went to see the fountains outside. Carter spent our waiting time throwing sticks in the water, but after it started, his eyes were glued! He loves playing with water, so he was amazed by this and every time the would kinda shoot in our direction, he got really upright like they were going to get him. But after it ended, he looked at me and did his sign language for "more." So, all-in-all, he loved every minute of our sight seeing!

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