Thursday, April 10, 2008

General Conference

Unfortunately, we didn't spend this last General Conference weekend watching General Conference. But we did spend some much needed time visiting family, most notably, Justin's dad at his permanent address. It was nice to go there again and put some nice flowers down and such. We sure do miss him! I don't feel right calling it a "grave" or anything of the sort for some reason. I like to say we're going to visit him. Justin laughs at me, but hey, I guess I'm a little quirky like that. Carter loved walking around outside of course, looking at all the monuments they have set up there. We later went to dinner at my parents' and had fun there, also! He loves his Grandma and Grandpa! Actually, he adores everyone in our family and consistantly asks about every single person who's name he can say throughout the day. He says Grandma "Mama" only he yells it and that's how I know he's not talking about me. He'll say, "Mama?" and I'll respond, "Yes, bud?" and he'll then go, "Ma Ma!!!" as if he's searching for her. That's his way of asking where she is =) Of course both Grandmas are the same name, so I'm not sure which he's speaking of all the time!


melissa said...

I seriously cannot believe how big Carter is now! I know I probably say that every time, but the little fart just keeps growing! I'm officially back in Vegas now, so we really do need to go to lunch. No excuses! Call me and I swear I'll answer it!

N&WOdom said...

hey so i am in vegas for my dads birthday! we will only be here til sunday afternoon. but if you get time call me. we are having a bday party for him on sat. so hopefully we get to see eachother. if not, we will be back for memorial day! love you

Staci said...

Hey girl. I am so happy that you found me. Your blog is soo cute. Also your little boy is adorable.