Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing Outside

The weather has been super nice here, as I mentioned before, and so we have been playing outside a TON! Carter could live outside if we'd let him, so he's been greatly enjoying our outdoor adventures! Our newest undertaking has been bike riding! We got a seat for the back of my bike and Carter loves sitting in it! He throws his arms up in the air and says, "Weee!" He especially loves going over bumps and repeatedly says, "Bump," as we're driving around. He's also helped me plant some fun stuff in the backyard and fertilize our tangerine tree! I'm trying to talk Justin into putting some grass in our backyard, but we'll see what happens with that! And PS, the first helmet we bought for Carter was too big and kept falling over his eyes, so that's why he's not wearing one in the video. We have one that fits him now and he wears it =) Oh, and nevermind my embarressingly huge cheesy smile in the video either. I really thought Justin was taking a picture, not a video, so it turned out rather hilarious of myself!

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