Thursday, April 10, 2008

My little chatterbox

This Carter of ours talks a whole bunch, which I love! This video is of all his animal noises he does. I think it's funny he feels the need to do them in a gruffy voice. I'm totally gonna be bragging, but he even put together his first 3-word sentence together while my dad was here! He came in from outside and said, "Papa, the ball?" and then tapped his mouth with his finger and said, "Hmmm." So, he's said 3-word phrases before like, "I don't know." But that was his first self-made sentence like that. So, I was very proud =) And I should've explained in my previous post the pictures of him coloring money. I came out of the bathroom and what do I see? Carter coloring a one dollar bill with a green crayon! At least he picked out the right color, huh?


JDwags said...

I love all the different animal noises. He says them so well! What a cute little monkey you have :>

Josh said...

Oh my goodness how cute. Smart little guy! I miss that age.-cassidy

theruedasfamily said...

Hi Holly, of course I remember you--I love your blog. You have such a great header. Your little guy is such a cutie!! I can't believe he is so big already! Talk to you soon-Amme