Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lovely Colorado

I am finally posting some pictures of our fun trip to Colorado we took a little over a week ago! It was so fun and Carter did remarkably well in the car for the long drive. There were only a couple crying episodes, which were mostly on the way home because he had terrible allergies while we were there, poor guy! Some mountainous shrub he's allergic to, I guess, because they flarec up again when we flew to Reno! Anyway, back to our trip...These first pictures were taken at one of our first pit stops. I think it might have been in New Mexico, but I'm thinking it was Arizona on the reservation. Anywho, we had a fun little pit stop exploring ladybugs while Mom got her fix of the Indian jewelry!

These next pictures were taken at the actual location we were at, Pagosa Springs. It was the cutest town and so pretty!

It has natural hot springs we went and saw, but they smelled like fart! You would smell like a big fart after you swam in them, I'm sure. Anyway, we had fun walking around this cute town and Mom's timeshare is awesome! Thanks again for taking us, it was a blast (curse my big mouth! Ha ha).


JDwags said...

ok that looked like so much fun and ti was beautiful. I want to go

Melody an Nathan Pellegrin said...

Sooo...this looks like a fun trip! You cute family of three...will it be 4 anytime soon?

Bree said...

we need to go to the park or hang out some time! When my life calms down a bit, I am going to call you, so be ready! I decided not to contine with potty training Bo just til he is two. I think that will give Rylee some time to get in the swing of things. She just a stinker right now. Bo does go on his own on occasion without my help, so I know he really wants to. Rylee just wont allow it! How old is Carter? I was told that about 18 months + is a good age to start! Good luck, and let me know if you need any help, it can be a little challenging!(;

The Heaton's said...

so much fun! colorado is so beautiful! family trips are the best! you guys are a great looking family.