Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nicole's Birthday

It was Nicole's birthday on the 10th and we celebrated by going to a place called "Color Me Mine." It's a place where you pick out your own pottery and paint it yourself. Then you have it put in the kiln and pick it up in a few days! I forgot to put my dang memory card back in the camera, though, so I took 3 pictures while we were there! And selfish me, they're only of Carter and I...but Nicole painted an awesome tea plate with Cherry blossoms on it. And anyone who knows Nicole, knows she loved this place! We all did, actually, and Carter loved painting his star-shaped piggy bank he picked out (okay, I helped him pick it out). And I found a cowboy perfect is that? I still have yet to go back and finish it, though because I picked something complicated while chasing a potty-training 1-year-old around...that was smart.

Afterwards we went back to my parents for cake and presents. Carter was way tired and he kept whining that he wanted "pie" (which is what he calls all cake, pie, brownies, etc.) We told him he had to wait, and he started crying, so I tried to tell him something more specific

he had to wait for since that seems to help the patience sometimes. I said, "After Nicole blows out the candles, we can eat the pie." Well, he decided to go blow them out himself so he could eat it...too bad they weren't lit yet, and he's not Nicole =) Ha ha


Jason and Danielle said...

I am so inspired now for some digital scrapbooking tonight I loved what you did with your pages. I seriously want to go to color me mine. Maybe we could take the kids and you should ask Nicole if she wants to go again. Maybe she could teach me some cool painting tricks cause if memory serves me right she is awesome at painting.

Nickell said...

We love Color Me Mine! It's my favorite place to go have fun! Tell Nicole we say Happy Birthday!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

How fun! We actually went to color me mine here in Texas today!