Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Justin's a great dad!

For Father's Day this year, I wanted something fun we could all go do that Justin would enjoy to celebrate him. He's such an awesome dad and Carter just loves him to pieces. So, I thought going to the Mini Grand Prix would be fun and it would be even funner for him if he could race one of his brothers, so Andrea and I went in cahoots to take them the Saturday before Father's Day as a special treat! It's really not expensive to go, either, which makes it even nicer! Carter was having a great time playing the games and pulling tickets off, as was Makenze! Now, the big slide, Carter got super freaked out. First, he wanted his Aunt Andrea to take him, and then it was so big and fast he just started bawling at the bottom...poor kid! So, Andrea and I had fun using the rest of the tickets we had gotten for the slide =) Ha ha, but the little ones enjoyed the Go-Karts...Carter almost fell asleep because of the rumble! And we had a nice ending eating pizza and buying the kids prizes with their tickets!
Our hubbies were so nice, they won us watches for $0.50!!! Ha ha...I got spongebob and Andrea got a very flashy gold watch with the Virgin Mary on the awesome.

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