Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Living with Grandma

Things are going great here living with Justin's mom. Carter loves waking her up in the morning. He asks me to do it first thing, but I tell him no for a good hour or so to let her get more sleep! The woman in a night owl =) Ha ha...He especially loves that the "TT" or TV is close enought to touch. But Justin has our big flat screen in our room so he can play his video games on it, and Carter asks to watch Elmo and George (Curious George movie) on that TV usually!
We are totally enjoying the summer with plenty of trips to the pool too! We had Damian and his 3 kids in town and met Andrea and Makenze at the Whitney Ranch Recreation Center out in Henderson. That place is so cool! They have a jungle gym for the kids in the middle of the water that sprays and has a mini water slide and stuff. Then, they also have 2 big water slides for big kids or grown ups. I haven't got to go on those yet, but maybe when Justin goes with me one time I'll get to go. Carter is so timid around the water, so I usually have him clung on me like a koala bear most of the time. I swear it takes him literally an hour to warm up enough to walk around in the water and stuff. That's what's nice about the rec center, though, because it's kind of like a beach and Carter can just ease himself in! He totally pooped himself out, though, and fell asleep on the cute!

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