Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Carter's ABC's

I am going to brag about my cute little boy for a moment...he is such a smartie! This morning he was pointing to the shapes and knew all the basic ones (square, star (his fave), circle, and square). I was surprised to hear him saying all of them as he pointed to them. He loves to practice his ABC's soon as he wakes up, he starts to try and say them by himself which sounds something like this, "I, E, O, B, Bo, By," as he points his finger at each syllable. And I'm totally not joking when I say first thing...he climbs in our bed most nights and he literally pops his eyes open and starts saying them. It's quite hilarious...In the video, you'll hear his version and then he loves to copy each one as we say it. He keeps getting distracted by his wrinkly foot, though. Doesn't something always happen when you want to get it on video?

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Brian Jambor said...

I'm voting this post the cutest on the net. I always knew justin's kids would be smart. Hope all is well. -Brian Jambor (MBM)