Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rest of September

Well, we had two other big things happen in September! One was Justin's twin brother, Jason, came home from Iraq and is officially out of the Army! We couldn't be happier for their family and Justin is just loving having his brother around again. They are our best friends and have been since we were all dating, so to have them as a whole family to hang out with a lot is just awesome! We went bowling the day after he came home and had a great time! (Minus Carter's crying episodes the first 15 minutes of being there!)
Had to add this picture of Kelsie because I thought it was so funny!

We also FINALLY got a swingset! I had been looking for a good deal for quite a while on craigslist. Carter even started telling us, "We should look on craigslist!" Oh geez...but we found one and it happened to literally be down the street! Sweetness! Carter plays on this every day...loves it!

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