Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carter's Birthday Party

The Saturday following Carter's birthday, we had his party at our house. He chose a Ben 10 theme and it was super fun! Carter had a blast with all of his friends coming over. The party included a little freeze dance, water balloon toss and pinata bashing. And he of course loved all his presents. He developed a nervous twitch, I guess you would call it, while opening his presents. He would nervously scratch the back of his head after every gift while saying, "S-s-s-sank you!" Ha ha...we were all laughing how funny he was being. What a cute little guy =)
Don't be jealous of our homemade alien head was time consuming and in the end, the wire we were trying to hang it with was tearing through the top...oh boy. So, it ended up as a alien head in a fruit basket look...very classy.

Getting ready for a game of water balloon toss, I believe.
Robert, Gage, Carter, Hayden, Keagan, Libby and Makenze

It took a few tries, but he got 'em! And his special wish was to marry his mommy again. He says now that he's 3, he's big enough to do that =)

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