Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Corn Creek

One of Carter's prizes for completing his aforementioned chart we started, was to go on a hike. So, we went to a place called Corn Creek I read about a while ago, but hadn't gone to yet. It was a lot of fun. A very nice escape from the city and desert! Lots of little wild animals/birds to see with a pretty stream to walk alongside and historical buildings to look at/read about. The weather was beautiful and Justin and I both said we could've just fallen asleep under our picnic tree it was so relaxing with the breeze and the sound of the stream. But then we remembered we had two helpless children with us and decided to stay awake...ha ha.Carter crossing the creek

He kinda looks psycho in this picture, but he was having so much fun throwing stuff in the stream!

Sticking his hands in one of the channels of water

Thanks to a tree stump, we got a nice family picture!

The most precious little things in the world!

Chillin with Daddy under the tree

In front of one of the restored buildings

I love this man!


Amy said...

Hi Holly - Amy Pitt here. I was going to add you on facebook and get your email that way until I saw you had 2. I didn't know which one to pick but if you would like an invite to my blog my email is if you want to send it to me I'll send an invite right over. Oh, and it looks like you guys had tons of fun! where is this place?

Holly, Justin, Carter & Kelsie said...

This place is north about 25 miles off the 95. You pass the Mt. Charleston exit and it is on your right hand side down a long dirt road.

danielandlitany said...

I think you should scan in the pictures of your charts so us less-creative people can get some ideas :)