Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preschool stuff

So, I have been doing at-home preschool with Carter for a while, some weeks I do better than others! But I have taken some pictures of some of the stuff we've been doing (I'm trying to be better about remembering pictures). Carter loves this, as he always tells me to "drop him off at the school down the street" and come back to pick him up later. Well, not quite the same, but he feels like a big boy anyway! So, I made up a learning board a couple months ago that has dry erase marker-able squares for me to pick a song, letter, number, color, science subject, and gospel lesson to focus on every week. I try to incorporate as many of them together as possible, like for one week I did Seeds, color brown, letter "S", Heavenly Father created the Earth, etc.Here's Carter after planting Peas for seed week...he loves watching them grow and shows me them every day!

Also part of seed week, we made our own bird feeder! It took a few days for the birds to realize it was out there, but we get lots of pretty singing visitors now!

Once a week we do preschool with Libby, Danielle and I alternating planning lessons. This was learning about leaves by Danielle!

I get books from the library every week to go along with our lessons. This one didn't go with our subject necessarily, but Carter sure enjoyed it! It was called "Mr. Cookie Baker" and had a bunch of recipes in the back.

This week we've been working on apples (last week too, actually). So far we've done apple stamps, made candied apples, read lots of apple-themed books, and I'm having a brain fart on the other stuff we've done, but it's been fun! Carter even drew on his worksheet today a "C" for his name, which he's been able to do for some time, but then he added an "R" and an "Ee" afterwards! Maybe I'm crazy, but I was so impressed with my little three year-old. His letters looked perfect! I need to scan them in...

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