Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thought I'd do some more catching up while I'm locked out of the bathroom so Carter can do his business =) He doesn't need ANYONE to help him, but still likes to have conversations with me through the door...ha ha. Anyway, the days before Kelsie was born, we went out to eat at Fuddrucker's, which is super delicious!!! It was worth the drive (about 30 minutes away). The yummiest cheeseburgers! I highly recommend everyone to find one and eat there =)
Our little cheeseball

Then, the next day, we went to the rec center pool with everyone that was here on the Wagasky side. I didn't actually swim because I was 3 cm dilated and didn't want to swim in a public pool, but I waded in the water while everyone else swam. Carter was very brave in the water and went under once...he's been experimenting with this in the tub. So, we had to keep a watch on him, but he had a great time with his cousins!

Our official last belly bump picture together!

Love this man!!!

Us girls (Andrea, Danielle and I)

Carter and Makenze attacking Justin in the water

I had to post this picture because it was hilarious...this random kid kept climbing all over Jason and he was like humping his back...where was the kids mom? Nobody knows...but it was quite funny.

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Sarah and Colin said...

you were gigantic!!! cute... but such a big belly! :) dont worry its a good thing!