Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blessing of our little girl

Well, blogger has not been working for me lately, for some reason, thus my lack of posts, but it seems to be working today, so we'll see! Anyway, two and a half weeks ago, our little angel was blessed! And I am very proud to say I made her little blessing dress! Justin did an amazing job and I am so thankful to have a husband who honors his priesthood! My dad was in town and was also able to stand in the circle, which was very special!

Isn't she just gorgeous in her little dress?

Aly, me, Andrea, Tina, Kelsie, and Danielle

My dad with us before church

I love these two little people!


Cami said...

She is adorable. What a beautiful dress. You two make cute babies!

Jason and Danielle said...

I am a loser I didn't realize you put up the pics from the blessing. I am a loser anyways they are adorable!