Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching up...

I swear I'm always "catching up" on here...can't I just be current, PLEASE?! So, I've decided I'm going to stop trying to catch up and just quickly give a recap of our week and a half-ish since my last post and call it good so I'll be current. (Even though it will probably still bug me the stuff I skipped, but, hey, what am I gonna do?) We went to Lied Discovery Children's Museum on Wednesday. Thank you, mom...the trip would not have been as much fun without your help with Carter! And Thank you to my awesome sister-in-law Danielle for getting Carter in for free =)
Carter told me before his nap today, "Mommy, go change Kelsie's diaper first betuz no me want ANY poop in my room."

Carter got his first ice cream from the ice cream truck! Can you tell he's super excited?!

We went to Robert's baseball game...which was really fun, but unfortuneately resulted in Kelsie getting a clogged tear duct! poor girl!
Carter realized sharing with his sister was much easier than he thought (He really always just sets something on top of her so he's sharing while he plays!)
We gave Kelsie her first bath...Carter was ready to help and Justin enjoyed his favorite thing about having a newborn...taking naps on the couch with them =)
We went to the park...and then had to leave early because there was no bathroom.
These events are kinda mixed up because my dumb computer won't let me highlight stuff and move it right now...pretty lame! But, there's our past week and a half in a nutshell! Hope yours was equally awesome!


Jason and Danielle said...

hello you are more current than me. I still have all the stuff from when Jason was here. don't things just seem to be crazy. I feel like I keep waiting for things to slow down but it still hasn't happened yet. anyways I love the pages of pics and it was so much fun hanging out. Love ya sis! See you tomorrow

Jason and Danielle said...

Thanks for telling me about that blog I was just browsing but realize I need to get going on decorating for the shower.

Serinster dot net said...

hey cute pics! i noticed you are following my old blog but this is my newer blog: