Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This past Saturday, two exciting events happened. The first I will mention happened in the morning...Kelsie's nasty umbilical cord FINALLY fell off!!! I was so excited because it took 4 long weeks! Carter I'm sure was happy too after weeks of asking why her belly button looked like "that." So, here's a picture of her beautiful new belly button!
Next order of business, it my little brother, Robert's birthday. He turned 13!!! Crazy to think he's a teenager now. We had fun at his party and what a good uncle he is. Even with all his friends and stuff around, he took the time to make sure the little kids felt special too. What a nice guy! As you can see in the pictures, his birthday wish was to make himself an insanely huge sub sandwich, for which my mother provided him with an entire french loaf to fill! Look at that beast...he only ate about 1/4 of it, for those of you wondering...that was pretty weak, Robert! Ha ha...just kidding, that thing was huge! Guess all the turkey made him sleepy. 'cuz he fell asleep shortly after dinner.

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