Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day was an awesome day for us! We started out making Justin Juevos Rancheros...did I spell that right? Who knows...but it was tasty, for him anyway. I can't eat anything spicy or containing onions as requested by Kelsie's belly, so he was the sole consumer of the meal! Then, we had to go off to church...one of the little girls in the nursery we teach told me, "My Daddy is the tallest boy with brown eyes I ever seen." how cute is that? Anyway, after church we headed over to my parents for some good 'ol celebrating with yummy rib dinner! My mom makes awesome ribs, I gotta learn!
We opened gifts afterward and I am pretty proud of what we made for Justin! I found a new use for my vinyl lettering. Making shirts! I used the outside as a stencil and painted it...turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

And in this poast I'm going to include something because I think it's hilarious...Have you noticed something special that goes on between grandmas and their grandkids? Well, I have and especially I think it's funny that no matter how many people are itching for some time holding the new babies, Grandmas always find their way to snatch them up. This espacially holds true for my mom, which we lovingly tease her about. My mom finds ANY excuse to hold Kelsie and has said things like, "She's reaching for me." Or "See the way she's looking at me? She wants me to hold her." Keep in mind she is dead serious and I'm sure is thinking, "What, she really WAS doing those things." as she's reading this post! I love you mom, and your baby crazy self!
This is a picture of Kelsie recently abducted from Grandpa's arms...sidenote: She was staring at my mom, just begging Grandma to hold her!


Jason and Danielle said...

the shirt did come out really cute and hey crazy lady you look amazing in those pictures!!

melissa said...

haha! Your mom cracks me up! Little Kelsie is such a cutie. Look at you - mother of 2! Looks like it was a good father's day :)