Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playing in the mud

Wow...I swear this is my last post! So, Carter's new favorite thing to do is flood his sandbox with his sprinkler and play in the mud! So, I took some pictures today! I also have a funny story about his nap time. He has been staying in his new bed, but today at nap time, he got out like 10 times and I kept putting him back and he would wave "bye" to me. After the next time, he said, "Help me." when I told him he had to lay down and go to sleep. So, I sat next to him, but he pushed me away and waved "Bye" again. (He likes to be by himself when falling asleep). So, I left and he came out again. I told him he couldn't leave his room and had to take a nap and he ran back to bed. This might sound really horrible that I did this, but I locked his door behind me to see if he would just go to sleep if he couldn't open his door. He knocked on the door and yelled, "Mama!" so I went over and told him through the door to lay down and go to sleep. He cried for a quick second (Not like bawling or anything) and then was quiet so I assumed he went to bed. After a few minutes of silence, I went to check on him and he had laid down right in front of the door and fallen asleep! I guess I should've included laying down "in your bed." Ha ha. I thought it was cute. I had to maneuver him out of the way so I could go put him in his bed!


JDwags said...

That so cracks me up! and I see he loved doing sidewalk chalk :>

Bree said...

My Bo does that exact thing! He likes to fall asleep in front of his door so I can't open it to check on him! I love his new little bed, it's cute! It's not horrible to lock the door, you gotta do what you gotta do! (:

Lindz said...

Nap times are so tricky sometimes. Lex likes to fall asleep by himself as well. He likes to play too. It's not bad that you locked it, it was smart. I hear a lot of moms who do the same thing.