Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter at home!

Nevermind the fact that we celebrated Easter ten zillion times this year! What counts is that we had soooo much fun with our whole family (well, those within driving distance anyway). Carter loved being able to search for eggs. He walked around with his little, "Hmmmm" and finger tapping. His eyes got big too when we informed him there was a basket of toys to search for! Anywho...we started Saturday night with driving out to Shane and Andrea's to do a mini Easter egg hunt for Carter and Makenze. They had a blast! I'm pretty sure we had more fun coloring eggs than they did (mostly Shane I'm talking about here), but hey, that's alright! Carter liked crushing his eggs so he could peel them and eat them (which is what you'll see in a few pictures).

Sunday, we started our Easter off right with a nice breakfast of waffles and bacon! YUM! Did I mention I love bacon? Then, we went over to my parents' house for a fun Easter egg hunt and lunch! Carter also started saying, "Help me." while we were over there! Then, off to church we went to hear my beautiful sister give her first talk ever! How the heck she skated by without giving one for 26 years, I have no clue. She was absolutely amazing and made us all cry (except for the tough boys!). Then, it was nap time for Carter while Justin napped and I made a batch of deviled eggs! Next, it was off to Uncle Chad and Aunt Vera's for some yummy food and fun times outdoors! That summed up our wonderful Easter celebration and we are so grateful to have such an amazing family that makes all our holidays so special! Enjoy the pictures and videos (Sorry, Tina, I had to use your look great!

Pictures from my parents' house in the morning

Pictures from Aunt Vera & Uncle Chad's after church

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JDwags said...

Seriously so depressed and homesick for our cute family in Vegas. the pictures of Makenze were freakin gorgeous oh my heck.... and I loved the videos. I noticed CarCar was wearing flip flops he is wearing his cute sandals now?