Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Dada and The Mama

I figured a good title of this post would be Carter's newest titles he calls us. It's been going on for a little over a week now and it's super cute! He'll say, "My Dada!" Or, "Dada? The Mama?" if he's asking where I am...I love when he talks. He also says, "MO!" a lot, which means "No" he just uses the wrong consenant. He'll just walk around asserting his independance all over the place and say, "MO!" for no apparent reason while he's playing. At least he doesn't say it all the time to us. He always gives us an enthusiastic, "Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!" That gets progressively louder until he's satisfied...ha ha. He got a box of new clothes and a pair of flip flops in the mail today and was very excited to walk around in his new shoes and peel the stickers off all the new shirts! Oh, and he got a new haircut! It's super cute, but makes him look so much older which hurts my little mommy heart, but I love it! Just also cut his hair and our living room looked like a pet grooming facility...Gross!

I was so excited to see these pretty blossoms on our tree out front. I love the spring and these blossoms only stay for a couple weeks!


JDwags said...

so a few things first of all oh my heck Carter is tall. Libby is a little munchin compared to him...second the peek a boo diaper thing was cracking me up and I love when all of a sudden he had crazy legs at the end. He is so cute and I love seeing him walking in the flipflop's. Love his haircut and my heart hurts he is getting so big. Did Justin buzz his hair too. If so I need to see a pic cause Justin has had the same hair do since I can remember.

Amber Joy said...

Carter is so big. I love his skinny long legs. Flip flops like those are the best because they stay on. Colton had a pair...execpt the got stinky by the end of the summer.