Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Belly

Well, I am fully planning on FINALLY updating our blog tomorrow during Carter's nap, but I figured I'd start with a little something before I went to bed tonight. Yesterday morning, Carter caught me getting out of the shower, which usually never happens since I take them after he's gone to bed. But he kinda started laughing to himself and said, "You're fat!" Justin and I were shocked he even knew what that word meant and started laughing hysterically. It made Carter laugh too, but then Justin thought he'd share with him that it's not really a nice thing to say, especially to girls. Carter felt so bad when Justin told him that, he started crying and ran into his room. He cried for like 15 minutes and kept saying, "Leave me alone! Sorry Mommy." when we would try to talk to him. Isn't that sad? Really funny that he said that, though. It must look pretty silly to a 2-year-old with his mom having a big 'ol belly all of a sudden. So, here's a little belly shot for ya =)


Whitney said...

there is no picture?!?! is my computer acting crazy or is there really no image? i cant wait to see that cute belly!!! i love you!

The Woodin's domain said...

you look soo cute pregnant. I love the belly shots and that is hillarious about Carter but, James and Jeff both told me that as well when I was pregnant with Jay.