Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The big move!

Finally two weeks ago Saturday we moved into our new house we've been patiently waiting for! Justin, Shane, Don (my dad), and my brother, Robert busted their butts for us and got our wood flooring in. It turned out totally awesome! Our whole family helped out so much trying to get our house ready to move into! There was lots of painting, flooring, etc that needed to be done before we could make the move so THANK YOU big time to everyone that chipped in (which was pretty much everybody). My cute husband even painted some cute messages on our floor before they got put it in. Lucky I got here before it got covered or I never would've known =) Here's some pictures of the guys hard at work:

The top message says, "Holly is the love of my life." Isn't he the sweetest?!

My mom helped out with some painting and Carter loved to help!

Unfortuneately, we learned quick that socks and hardwood don't mesh well. Carter was holding some toys and took a spill landing on his face! He had a bruise for almost a week, poor guy! So, we had to go get him some "sticky socks" as he likes to call them! PS My friend, Becky, shared with me a genius idea. Instead of buying the "sticky socks" to use puff paint on the bottom of regular socks since they're cheaper...thanks, Becky!

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