Sunday, February 7, 2010

Preschool Activities and more...

This past week or two, it's been raining like crazy here, which is pretty unusual. So, I wanted to do an activity with Carter for his preschool stuff we do. So, we started with 3 different jars for our science experiment and put a different color of food coloring in each jar.

Then, we geared up and proceeded outside. We put one jar under where our roof was dripping down, one on the sidewalk where it was open for rainfall, and one under the tree to see which color would fill up the fastest. Our green jar under the roof filled up the fastest and the one under the tree only got a few droplets in it. He said he felt like Sid the Science Kid! (Love that show!) So, we concluded if one didn't want to get wet in the rain, it would be wise to seek shelter under a tree!
And then of course there had to be some splashing in the puddles and racing leaves in the gutter! Luckily Daddy got home to finish chasing the leaves down the street so I could go make us some hot soup inside!

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Kim and company said...

So cute! I'm happy to peek in on your family! Your little ones are darling---glad to see you are a mom determined to educate! So Terrific! Say Hi to your cute mom for me!