Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Birthdays

These are actually in reverse order, but, hey, that's the way it uploaded and I'm not gonna change it :) We had 4 fabulous birthdays in the month of January! Mom Wagasky's first, then mine, Makenze's and then Libby's! What a month of celebrations and family get-togethers!

Libby had a fun tea party where we were to dress "fancy" so Carter dressed fancy, but then changed into a GI Joe costume once we got there! Kelsie wore her cute tu-tu that my wonderful friend, Whitney, made her! I love her little diapered butt crawling around in the tu-tu...cutest thing ever, seriously!

The birthday girl showing off her fancy gear, and the brother-of-honor to the right =)

Makenze, at her birthday bash, which was at McDonald's! Smartest idea ever, Andrea for zero cost and clean-up! The kids had a blast playing in the inside gym!

My mom and Kelsie at Makenze's party...just look at those adorable pigtails. She just melts my heart!

Carter and Grandma Gill...can't separate these two for very long!

On my birthday, we went out to lunch to Sweet Tomatoes with the girls! It was so fun!

My good friend, Rashelle, and Danielle
Me and my mom and sister...love those guys to pieces!

This was my birthday night. My mom watched the kiddos while Justin took me to Viva Zappata's! Best food ever! I got this Jumbo Mexican shrimp that was stuffed with more shrimp and cheese, which was then wrapped in bacon and fried. And then this amazing sauce to dip it in. DELICIOUS!
This was Mom Wagasky's birthday! She had all her grandkids (that live on this side of the country) there!

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