Thursday, July 7, 2011

Massive Update

Okay, I've been meaning to do a massive update before this next baby is born, and I'm being induced later today! So, now's as good of a time as any, right? These are from the last couple months, starting with 4th of July this last weekend! In the morning, we went to see Cars 2 as a big group. Justin's sister, Shelly, was in town, too. Then later in the day, we went to our sister-in-law, Andrea's parents house for dinner, water games and fireworks. We had a super fun day with family and the kids enjoyed the fireworks. Kelsie got a little overwhelmed near the end from tiredness and loud fireworks, but we had a blast!
Kelsie took a couple sessions of a dance class at the rec center recently and really enjoyed herself! She had so much fun and was the biggest participator. Hopefully in the fall, the teacher said she's starting a new group that will have an actual recital at the end. So, we're looking to get her into that, because she is our little dancer and entertainer!
Two weeks ago, Robert and Don completed a 500 mile bike ride all the way from Salt Lake City! It was amazing and we are so proud of them! My mom was along too on the food crew. We missed them while they were gone and were so happy to come greet them at the finish line!

Had a little baby shower for this little man. Every baby should be celebrated! My mom and Nicole did such a beautiful job of decorations and such and we had a good time :) Especially enjoyed the yummy cupcakes from Retro Cupcake! My favorite cupcake place!
June 9, our exchange student, Maxi, returned home to Germany. We miss her, the kids just loved her!
Kelsie turned 2 on May 24!!! On her actual birthday, my mom came with me and the kiddos to Lied Discovery Museum. She also brought her over her first present of the day, a cute Dora guitar. Kelsie LOVES Dora! We are so happy to have been blessed with this little girl in our family. She brings everyone so much joy and is the cutest little 2 year old girl around! She talks and sings our ears off and is the little mother hen of the house. She loves taking care of everyone and is a Daddy's girl. If Daddy ever tells her "No", she comes running to me saying in a sad voice, "Daddy telled me something."
The Saturday following her birthday, we had her birthday party with all her cousins and family in town at the Butterfly Park. Luckily it didn't get windy until the end when we were ready to pack up. Everyone had a good time playing in the water and such, although the heat was melting the cake! But we had a tent set up with decorations for food and shade for everybody :)
This last year, Carter has been a part of a preschool group with some friends from church and as our last little activity before summer, we went on a firestation tour. Carter was so cute, holding Kelsie's hand and making sure she stayed next to him in the group. He's such a sweet brother, I love it! They kinda have a little system, where he's her little protector and she "mothers" him by always getting him his drinks, shoes, blankets, etc. Such a cute pair, these two :)
Justin and I also in May had a fun little weekend rendezvous to St. George for Justin's 30th birthday. It was just a fun little relaxing getaway for just the two of us and we enjoyed having the time alone. I love this man! He is such an amazing husband and father and I'm the luckiest girl in the world to get to share my life with him :)

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