Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hollywood/Griffith Park

The Friday after Santa Monica Pier, we headed into Hollywood so Maxi could see the stars on the sidewalk, etc, then headed to the observatory for a viewing of the Hollwood sign, lunch, and walking through the museum.

Then Saturday morning, we headed back to Griffith Park for the train ride and fun stuff! It was so awesome going there because I remember my mom taking us there when we were kids (especially the carousel) and so it was fun taking my kids there. And Justin had come in Friday night so it was doubly fun having him there to share it with us! I sure do miss that man whenever we're separated!

The kids all had a great time on the little train ride and then we headed over to the pony rides right next to it. Everything was so reasonably priced, we got to do everything! Carter really wanted one of the horses that kept trotting, and he got his wish! Hayden also got a trotting horse and I captured the most HILARIOUS picture of him. Kelsie we were a little apprehensive about because she's never done a pony ride before. They took her from Justin, slapped her on that horse and sent her off with no one walking by her! Oh my goodness, I was just thinking, "Ive just sent my baby off on a horse all by herself!" I was afraid at first she would be afraid and try to escape the seat belt, but no! She was so cute and hilarious riding around on that horse. They sent her around the track twice, and that little girl just hung on and thoroughly enjoyed it!

After the pony ride, we got back in the car to go see our beloved carousel we so fondly remembered from childhood. It was so awesome being able to see that place again. So, we all had a fun time riding that, then we were off to Grandma's house again for some Easter fun!


Heather said...

Loved the pictures. Your kids are so cute...I can totally see the Gaxiola side in them.

Danielle said...

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