Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Red Rock

I am so excited right now because I discovered the Blogger application on my Droid! If it works like I hope it will, I will be one happy lady (and maybe not so slackish on posting!). This last weekend we took the kids to red rock! We were hoping to find tadpoles like last year, but I think it hasn't been warm enough for hatching yet. So, maybe in a few weeks! My mom came with us since Robert & Don were working on an eagle project, Jason came with the cutest redheads around (Danielle was sick), and Andrea brought her cute munchkins too (Shane had to work). It was lots of fun & Maxi put a dent in her school project (collecting 30 different kind of bugs). I forgot my heartrate monitor for the hike, but took plenty of breaks (my lung capacity sucks!). Okay, now I'll try to upload the pictures...
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