Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Visit

This past weekend we took Carter to see Santa with my parents, Robert, Nicole and Hayden. Carter has been asking for weeks to sit on Santa's lap, but every place we've gone to didn't have a very "real" looking Santa and I didn't want him to get freaked out by the fake beard. So, he's been much anticipating this moment. He even had something very specific he wanted to ask Santa for. He said, "A blue choo-choo train and a green choo-choo train." We were hoping his excitment would stick through sitting on his lap and it did! He was so excited and gave Santa a big hug! He was so happy with his big grin and excitedly raising his shoulders every few seconds. Santa understood exactly what he asked for and Carter was very sad when his turn was over. He was very mopy when we had to leave Santa and kept saying, "Again?" We were excited he loved it so much! Here's his cute picture.

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