Friday, December 5, 2008

My funny boy

I'm creating a post, one because I finally have my camera back from being repaired, and two because Carter is talking so much, we have some fun conversations throughout the day! I always make a joke, though, that we have the same conversation multiple times a day because the "Why" question is never-ending, especially in the car. Even after I tell him why, he keeps asking why over and over about the same thing...I eventually just have to say "I don't remember, do you remember what I said?" and that's a pretty good shot at having him repeat it to me instead =) His new question in the car, though, is "What are you guys talking about?" This is when Justin and I are both in the car, even if we're not saying anything he'll ask this...hmmmm.

The other day, he wanted to cut with scissors because he woke up and Danielle was cutting strips of paper, so of course he had to also. So, I showed him how to fold the paper to make a snowflake and then he was going to draw on it to give to his Grandma Gill. He's been VERY into drawing lately, which looks like round scribbles afterwards, but he's actually very intricately concentrating the whole time. He draws "guys" (a circle with hair on top) and when he was drawing on the snowflake, he showed me one of these guys. After I told him, "Great job!" he said, "Now I draw a naked guy." I swear, we don't teach him to draw naked people, but he sure loves being naked, so maybe that's why he thought he should draw a naked person. After all, what's wrong with being naked when you're two?! Ha ha I'm just glad his "naked" guy looked the same as his other guy.

As I've mentioned before, Carter will tell me he hears the baby crying because it's hungry or thirsty. Well, the other night, he told me the baby needed a snack. He said, "Mommy, what the baby eat?" I said, "The baby eats whatever mommy eats right now. What do you think the baby would like to eat?" And after much thinking and "Hmmmm"-ing he responded, "Two jellybeans."

And lastly on my list of stuff to write down, he has been repeating a lot of stuff I stay often. For instance, now before we head downstairs, he almost always puts his hand out and says, "Wait, I forgot to get something." Or this morning, the DVD started skipping on the computer and he said, "I wonder what's wrong with that thing?"

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