Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas...very late!

This is a very late Christmas posting, but I scrapbooked some pictures to post and then forgot to ever post them! I seriously am just busy-brained all the time now and I feel like it never slows down (like I was expecting and hoping after Christmas!). But I do oh so love all the family get-togethers and busy kids that keep my life so busy. I could do without the mess that I have to clean day after day, but it kinda goes with the territory, right?

Anyway, Christmas was a blast this year! Carter was so excited for Santa Claus and he just gets funner and funner every year! He loved our Santa advent calendar and asked for an "Ironman that does NOT talk and does NOT have a backpack." Very hard to find, by the way, but we convinced him the backpack and talking was pretty cool, and after Santa called him, he was A-okay with the slightly altered request.

Kelsie was our favorite little present around this year, of course and we loved that she started crawling around right before Christmas and ate all the wrapping paper! Ha ha...our cute little rugrat is so cute. She also started pulling her self to stand right before Christmas! Only is the thing she was using was chest level or lower could she stand, though. So, she enjoyed using all the square presents as hoists to stand against!

And lastly, Justin got me my beloved breadmaker that I have been LOVING!!!

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